Black 6’s

Black 6’s are played as either that 6, or any Ace

Killer 4

If the 4♣ is face down, that hand will be ruled dead at showdown. You may try to bluff with the 4♣ face down and win without showing down. However if the 4♣ is revealed in a showdown the hand is automatically dead.

Codependent 2’s

If a player is dealt the 2 or the 2♣ on fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh street, he may then combine that 2 with the card on its immediate left while retaining the suit of the left-hand card. For example, if your board reads X-X-7-5-2♣, you may then combine the 5 and 2♣ to make a 7, wherein your board will now read as a pair of sevens. If you combine two cards, those cards can either play as the combined card OR the separate cards at showdown. For example: the hand J-9-5♠-9-2♣-J♣ does not read as J’s full of 9’s, only three J’s with a 9 and a 5. You may not duplicate a card that is already in your hand. For example, you cannot combine the 8♣, 2 to make the 10♣ if you already have the 10♣ in your hand.