Dueling Snowmen

If the two 8’s are dealt consecutively face up (including PAC-MAN wrap around rules*), then the game must stop immediately and the two players who are dealt the 8’s must each pay $2.50 to a side spot. Those two players will then each be dealt three cards from a separate deck and play war, one card at a time, where the winner will then be awarded the side pot after winning 2 of 3 wars. The Bonedoneskis hand will then complete as usual.

War can be instigated in between streets. For example, if the last card of third street is a red 8, and the first card of fourth street is the other red 8, a war is instituted.

*PAC-MAN wrap around between players 2 and 3:
Player 1: X-X-J-4
Player 2: X-X-K-8
Player 3: X-X-8

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