Killer 4

If the 4♣ is face down, that hand will be ruled dead at showdown. You may try to bluff with the 4♣ face down and win without showing down. However if the 4♣ is revealed in a showdown the hand is automatically dead.


When a red 4 is face up, either by being dealt or by having a hole card exposed, the person holding the red 4 may make any person turn one of their board cards face down. For example, if Player A holding the X-X-6♠-4♣-Q makes Player B expose one of his hole cards, and he exposes a 4, Player B can then make Player A turn down the 4♣ and Player A’s hand now cannot win at showdown.


If the 4♠ is dealt face up on:

  • third street, it counts as the 4♠ or the 8♠
  • fourth street, it counts as the 4♠ or the Q♠
  • fifth street, it counts as the 4♠ or a pair of 4’s (4♠ and 4 no suit)

Fish Hook in a Sailboat and The Life Raft

If a player’s board shows both a J and 4, that player must pay $2.50 to the pot or fold. A player may be saved from paying this fee if there is an 8 (“Life Raft”) separating the J and the 4. For example: a board of X-X-J-4-8 would have to pay $2.50, while a board of X-X-J-8-4 would not.

This can be required multiple times for string streets in the instances of 4-X-J-X-4 or J-4-X-J.